Translations into natural Dutch

Like it was never in English

Investing in a good translation is an investment in your organisation or business. You will be read more and better by your readers or prospects and with a great, professionally translated text those readers will be more likely to choose you.


It's all about the message you want to convey in the right tone-of-voice. But in a way that is compelling to your Dutch readers.

Little boy singing in the microphone trying to find the right tone. Transcreation also requires the right tone.

I can transform your English texts into very natural Dutch. It's as if they were never written in English, but in Dutch straight away. I am a Dutch native and in Dutch I can express every nuance and I understand all the (cultural) peculiarities that we ourselves usually don't find peculiar at all.


Transcreation is a more creative way of translating. With your text you want to convince or entice your reader. In that case it can be better to let go of the source text all together and create a completely new text for the translation. It becomes almost copy writing.


The tone in which you address the reader could be very different in the translation, because social interaction may be less formal for example. Or some references are simply not understood. And what if a pun doesn't work in the target language?


In other words, I might not say exactly the same thing in Dutch, but I will evoke the same response.


When translating texts for a dating app, for example, I had to translate slogan-like texts and word jokes into the Dutch version. I would come up with new puns or references to customs that are common in the Netherlands. You can imagine that a blog about opening lines for a date cannot always be translated literally. Especially when you consider that the scientifically proven link between humour and attraction was one of the statements...


To sum up, I will transform your texts into a Dutch version with the same wit, nuance or conviction that you want to convey. Do you want a text like that too? Email me.


Of course you could also send me your text.

Translator of journalistic content in just the right tone-of-voice.

What have I translated, you ask?

I really enjoyed translating journalistic texts such as articles and interviews. For example about gentrification in Amsterdam for a Dutch national newspaper.


And for a design brand I translated interviews with people about how they like to decorate their homes. Furthermore, blogs on a dating app; articles on protest art in Hong Kong, food, various art performances and exhibitions.


And further: promotional texts for films; scientific texts about sign language; website content and leaflets for a theatre group; seminar of a reintegration agency; and many other things...


  • food, culinary trends and nutrition
  • art, theatre, film
  • design
  • science and society

What will it cost?

Translations are made to measure, not all texts are the same, which is why I cannot offer fixed rates. Various factors contribute to the price, such as the number of words, the level of difficulty and the urgency. But I promise you that your text is in good hands with me, that I will work with the utmost diligence and that I will use all my creativity (and not a machine's).


And if you email me your text, preferably as a Word file, I will let you know the very same day how much time and money it will cost. You can also just paste your text in the message box of my contact form.


Do you have an assignment for me or would you like to work together? Get in touch with me. Or shall we make an appointment?


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“Often the idea that there can be a wide range of translations of one text doesn’t occur to people – or that a translation could be bad, very bad, and unfaithful to the original.”


Lydia Davis